Tuesday 5 June 2012

Annual Dinner Weekend 2012 - Part Two

Sunday 27th May - West Sands, St. Andrews 

Blue skies and sunshine - we really couldn't have asked for better barbecue weather! Armed to the teeth with suncream and burgers, we headed over to West Sands where we managed to find a relatively secluded stretch of beach to occupy for the day. A few people headed straight for the sea while Charlie, Roo and Euan got the barbecues set up. We probably could have fed the whole of St. Andrews with the mountain of food we had brought!

West Sands
Perfect weather for the beach...
...and a barbecue

Much of the day was spent tucking into burgers, sausages, chicken wings, pork loins... to mention just a few! Ali and Stephen showed off their artistic flair when they buried Ed in sand and transformed him into a stunning (and X-rated!) sand sculpture!

Ed buried in the sand
Ed's metamorphosis

Another highlight of the day was the award ceremony! Every year tongue-in-cheek awards are given to people who have, for example, experienced mishaps on club meets or who have done something embarrassing that is worthy of recognition! While we handed out some awards that are given every year, we also introduced some new awards. The awards were as follows:

  • Most Regular (a box of All-Bran): Jim Simpkins, for attending 10 meets (runner-up, Guy Templeton)
  • After-Eight Award (a box of After Eight mints): Ed Amankwatia and Stephen Barrass, for their epic 5am (a new record?) return from the Fisherfield Six
  • Most Exotic Lunch (a kids' lunchbox): David Vazquez, for his home-made sausage: an ecologically-farmed pig named Silverio
  • Compeed Award (Compeed blister plasters): Alistair McCartney, for his excruciating blisters at Bridge of Orchy
  • Tea-bagging Award (tea bags... so that the fun may continue!): Paul Crawford, Ali Stangoe, Essi Kujansuu, Owen Flowers, Daniel Morrell and Euan Christopher, for their tea-bagging-related antics (involving a tea-bagging rota?!) at Milehouse
  • Gok Wan Award (a pair of ladies' leggings): Euan Macdonald, for fashionably sporting his fetching "Dad Hat" and man leggings!
  • Lobster Award (after-sun): Lauren Shields, for her ability to burn even on a cloudy day!
  • "Leaving stuff behind and generally losing things" Award (a magnifying glass): Ruaridh Macdonald, for... well this one's fairly self-explanatory!
  • "Shit Your Pants" Award (nappies): Guy Taylor, for surviving a particularly frightening climb in the Lake District
  • Bog-monster Award (a welly boot): Rachelle Binny, for her tendency to (unintentionally) find and wade through every bog on the hill!
  • Road Kill Award (venison burgers): Charlie Stevenson, for hitting a pheasant with the minibus, scraping its remains off the radiator, and taking it home for dinner!
  • Elliot Memorial Prize - Dundee University Rucksack Club Driver of the Year (framed certificate): Remco Stam

Awards were followed by a game of rounders: "Oldies" vs. "Kiddies". A close game but in the end the Oldies were victorious!

DURC at West Sands, St. Andrews
DURC at West Sands, St. Andrews
Members of the outgoing committee
Members of the outgoing committee: Charlie, Lauren, Ruaridh, Brett, Calum, David (& Ducky), Rachelle and Nikki

It was a really wonderful weekend and a fantastic grand finale to the DURC year! A huge thank you and goodbye from the outgoing committee and best of luck to the new committee!

Written by:Rachelle Binny
Photos:Rachelle Binny, James Simpkins (groups)


  1. Once again, many thanks to the outgoing committee who organised it all, and to everyone who came along on on either day to make the Annual Dinner Weekend such a fun and memorable event.

  2. what has happened to the piece of windscreen?

    1. After developing sharp cracks it was apparently retired on the grounds of health and safety around 3 years ago. Haven't been able to track it down unfortunately, but as a tradition it certainly lasted a good long while.